Tradurapid services catalogue


Translation: In addition to traditional translation services, we provide value for websites, catalogues, corporate documents and audio and visual productions.


Sworn translation (Spain): Legal documents translated, reviewed and sworn by sworn translators authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for official use.


Translated documents in English certified by the company for presentation in the UK and with apostilles for the USA.

Layout: we are expert troubleshooters for layouts in non-Latin scripts in InDesign, Quark and Freehand, etc.


Voiceovers: wide variety of carefully selected native voices for all kinds of productions: radio, TV spots, advertisements, corporate, documentaries, webs.


Preparation of reports. Assistance for business trips and meetings: ask us if you require interpreters, negotiators or assistants in other languages.


Design, support and implementation of training plans/immersion courses in English, Spanish and German for in-company training.


English Improvement Desk: We’re an outsourcing department for your translations, reviews and improving your letters, presentations, reports, documentation, tenders, contract and any other material in English. Many of our clients already have professionals in their organisations with competence in English, but we provide external support for them to they can achieve their objectives in internationalisation, ongoing improvement and excellence.


Websites: including creative translation and design if required, with direct support for webmasters, and supervision and quality control of end results.